Amazing Plant-Based Meals

Delivered Fresh Ready-to-Eat in Portland, OR

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How It Works

1. Plan Your Week

Use our super fancy meal planner to plan out your week. You can order for the upcoming week or chose to have a recurring order.

Vegan Meal Planner

2. Get Your Food

A Fancy Plants fairy will deliver a sealed cooler in the middle of the night, twice weekly, before 6am. Just transfer to your fridge in the morning and you're all set!

Vegan Delivery

3. Enjoy!
(We'll even clean up...)

Set your cooler back outside on the next delivery night. If you have containers from your last delivery still in new condition, we can have them washed, sterilized and used again...just give them a rinse and toss them in the cooler!

No more vegan food lemme see the food!!

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