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Eating Vegan Shouldn't Suck!

We're on a mission to make that (not) happen

Jason & Kristen Honey, Founders

As lifelong omnivores, when we decided to start cutting the meat and dairy, life got complicated. Vegan options were usually very expensive, unsatisfying, unhealthy, "tasted like vegan food", or flat-out unavailable. Chopping our own vegetables, making soups and salad dressings from scratch became a full time job. It was unsustainable. One day, we thought.....what if?


Make it Taste Good

We've tried it all and discovered the most common pitfalls of the typical vegan meal. We have set out to get it right!

Don't Fake it - So often, vegan meals are trying to be something they are not. Fake meats are not our thing. We believe there are better ways to create rich and satisfying meals than trying to fake bacon.

Don't Overdo it - just because you have decided to eat responsibly, doesn't mean you have to eat only superfoods and rare algaes. We try to find the balance between healthy and tasty so that you can actually look forward to lunch time!


Make it Healthy

Vegan alone isn't all we're after here. You aren't any better off on a plant based diet if you only eat potato chips and vegan pastries.

You don't have to subsist on kale and avocado smoothies, but you should be including nutrient dense, organic ingredients in your otherwise rich and delicious meal.

We have worked very hard to develop recipes that not only taste good, but also include sufficient amounts of protein, vitamins, omegas and the other good stuff. We try to control the amount of sodium, soy, and overall calories.


Make it Easy

The worst part about trying to eat a plant based diet is the logistics of actually doing it. Shopping and chopping takes over your life. Label reading and research becomes mind-numbing. Grab-and-go options are usually super expensive, kind of weird, or just not where you need them when you need them.

We set out to solve this problem by packaging vegan meals and delivering them to your doorstep FRESH three times a week according to your schedule. You can have grab-and-go meals for work, or you can heat and plate up for a nice dinner at home.

Why are we doing this?


Save the system

We understand that there are a lot of acceptably healthy diets that include some meat and dairy. The problem is that we don't have the resources for us all to sustainably eat animal products for every meal, every day.

The system is bloated and strained and wreaking havoc on the environment. Even if you are just supplementing your omnivorous diet with some vegan meals, you are reducing your strain on the system.


Save the animals

We don't need to go into specifics about the horrors of the modern meatpacking and dairy industries here. If you are reading this you have probably already been down that path. Humans need to do better for each other and for their co-inhabitants.

By helping people reduce their meat and dairy consumption, even fractionally, we can send an economic message to the industries that we do not support their practices.


Save ourselves

There is a lot of conflicting science on the subject of meat and dairy consumption. No matter what the specific viewpoint is, however, everyone does seem to agree that humans are not evolved to eat nearly as much meat and dairy as is available to us in modern society.

Over-consumption of meat and dairy are linked to heart disease, cancers and so many other severe modern epidemics. If you can replace even some of your meals with entirely plant based meals, you will be improving your overall health.