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Some things you need to know to make your challenge a success

Congratulations on your awesome decision to take the 2 week plant-based challenge! It's not easy to go completely meat and dairy free in our society. Hopefully we will make it a little easier by delivering delicious ready-to-eat meals right to your door. Here are a few other things that will help make your transition a success.

Get your vitamins

You will need to take vitamin supplements to make sure you are getting all of the essential nutrients your body needs that are hard to find in the common plants that we eat. You may wish to consult you doctor and do your own research here, but we generally recommend taking a vegan multivitamin as well as a vegan Omega-3 (DHA-EPA) supplement. Make sure your multivitamin has plenty of B12 or take it separately. You need it for your brain!

Stay full

If you are coming from a particularly junky diet and straight onto 100% plant-based, you are going to have some cravings. You need to give your taste buds, metabolism, digestive system and your mind, a few days to adjust. One of the most important things you can do through this transition is to stay full! If you allow yourself to get super hungry it’s going to be a lot harder to fight off the cravings from your previous everyday lifestyle.

Snacks and water

Eat a lot of healthy snacks and drink plenty of water in the beginning to keep you belly happy between meals. Having healthy options within reach is key. We provide some snacks for you. Depending on your appetite, you may want to stock up on a few more. Bananas with peanut butter, vegan protein shakes, green juice, and nut mixes, are all good choices to keep your mind off of those other things you used to eat. Coffee and tea can be great for curbing those cravings as well.

Choose wisely

If you have weight loss goals, keep an eye on the amount of nuts and other calorie dense foods you snack on. Mix it up with less calorie dense snacks like fruits and green things. Also keep in mind that vegan does not automatically equal healthy. Potato chips and vegan pastries abound…try to keep your snacks whole and healthy to experience all of the benefits of your 2 week challenge!

Supplement those workouts

If you workout, make sure you supplement according to your needs. Fancy Plants is designed to give you all of the calories you need to sustain you through your day…..until you burn 500 calories on a run. You might want to replace those calories with workout supplements like a vegan protein shake or another meal.

Full or fulfilled?

Finally, remember that feeling full on a burger and fries feels a lot different than feeling full on healthy plant based foods. Even though you actually feel a lot worse when your full on that burger, your mind may still be after that because it’s what you know. Pay attention to your body and notice that just because you are not stuffed full with fat, you are still fulfilled and have energy and are not actually hungry. You will get used to this feeling and soon begin to wonder why you ever craved eating yourself into a meat coma so much....