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New Year's 2-Week
plant-based challenge!

Limited spots available!

Adopting a plant-based diet is super long as you know where to find decent vegan recipes....and have tons of extra time to shop, and time to chop....and assemble....and prep....and clean....

Oh you don't?

Because you can't pick up vegan dinners at the drive-thru like everything else, the biggest challenge about eating plant-based is the work. It is so overwhelming, in fact, that it is the #1 reason why people don't last....and the #1 reason why we started this company. If you do track down a semi-convenient does it taste? We fixed that too....

Let us help you transition into a plant-based 2018 without having to worry about the logistics for the first two weeks!

Plant Based Challenge

30 meals Delivered to Your Door

That's breakfast, lunch & dinner, Monday - Friday....your busiest days. Take the weekends to experiment in the kitchen or check out Portland's best vegan sit-down spots :)


(regularly $260)

closed until next year!

Limited Spots Available

vegan meal planner

Plan your meals

After you sign up, plan your meals with our super fancy meal calendar. Choose 15 meals for your first week. Our selection rotate from delivery to delivery so you always have plenty of variety.

Add extra meals if you want them ($6). Add protein shakes if you need those recovery proteins and replacement calories after your workouts.

Explore the menu

Get your deliveries

We deliver your meals fresh to your door on Mondays before 6am. You will receive 2 deliveries during your two-week challenge so your meals are always super fresh.

Find out if you are in our delivery radius.

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Why 2 weeks?

What changes can possibly happen in 14 days?

If you are transitioning from the standard American diet (S.A.D.), a lot of changes can happen in the first two weeks.

Lose Weight

Starting with the obvious. If you have weight to lose, you will start to lose Since you are not consuming calorie dense meats and cheeses, you can even consume a higher volume of food with less calories. Not all vegan food is low-cal and healthy, but we are talking about Fancy Plants ;) Not only will you lose fat, but many will see almost immediate shedding of poundage from water you retained on that junky diet.

Better Energy

It may take a few days to kick some of the cravings. The physical withdrawals and the mental battle might mask all of the good metabolic changes that are starting to take place. But one you break through to the other side of that, the quality of the energy you feel on a plant-based diet is incredible! You don't finish a vegan meal and feel like you need a nap and then a cup of coffee before you can have an hour or two of sustained energy. You will feel a more constant energy. You will feel truly hungry and then be truly nourished and satisfied -- not stuffed -- for the first time in your life maybe....and it's awesome!

Gut Change

Within a week of cutting the animal products, your gut will begin to transform as it adapts to breaking down more plant carbohydrates and proteins and your drastic increase in fiber. Fewer and healthier gut bacterias will create a happier micro-biome. If you are coming off of S.A.D. you will probably feel the change in a big way. One of those glorious ways you should feel on the "regular"....thank you fiber.

Lower Inflammation

There are many reasons why a plant-based diet is synonymous with an anti-inflammatory diet. Chronic inflammation from higher consumption of meat and dairy is now widely believed to be at the root of the development of killer chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and neurodegenerative disease to name a few.

Better Sleep

If your full belly or wrecked metabolism keep you up at night you will welcome the change to the quality of your sleep on the plant-based diet. Coming from S.A.D. you will naturally produce more serotonin and have better metabolic cycles to induce deep uninterrupted sleep. You will wake up more alert and ready to crush another plant-based day!

A few more reasons

It's not just good for you


Save the system

We understand that there are a lot of acceptably healthy diets that include some meat and dairy. The problem is that we don't have the resources for us all to sustainably eat animal products for every meal, every day.

The system is bloated and strained and wreaking havoc on the environment. Even if you are just supplementing your omnivorous diet with some vegan meals, you are reducing your strain on the system.


Save the animals

We don't need to go into specifics about the horrors of the modern meatpacking and dairy industries here. If you are reading this you have probably already been down that path. Humans need to do better for each other and for their co-inhabitants.

By helping people reduce their meat and dairy consumption, even fractionally, we can send an economic message to the industries that we do not support their practices.

More Info? Read Some things you need to know to make your challenge a success!

Questions? Check out our FAQ or Email us at